A Chicken Farm to Bring Money and to Eat

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Hello everyone

Today Celia and I are proud to launch our 3rd operation for the Orphan of Uganda.

Now they are 129 Orphans that David Kibalama, our friend and contact take care of.

To achieve our goal to help the Orphanage to be financially independant this Time we raise funds to create a Chicken farm.

We need $650 US to start the Farm.

This price include 200 chicken that will produce eggs, the food, the medications they will need for teh 5 next month until they produce the eggs.

In about 5 to 6 month the farm should produce few hundreds of eggs each week. Thos eggs will help to feed the children first and the rest will be sold to create the revenu.

Celia and I Thank you for your help and Donations.


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