My name is Gilles and Célia is my wife. We are both French born and raised in the French Caribbean. Since we met about 15 years ago We  have been using our talents and educations bring a positive contribution to the world. 10 years ago we realised after helping many people that helping people one by one would take too much time to bring a significative change so we decided to help schools et humanitarian associations to reach more children.

We feel very lucky and blessed that my wife is a powerful singer and I have a solide background in Marketing internationally. Both Mastering our field of activity we decided to use music as a leverage and started to raise funds through concert. The goal was to use that money to provide school materials for the children and teh schools in need in our island.

In 2009 we started to help small schools in Martinique that was in need for school material or other tools for the education of the children . We started to do a Music Tour through out the island as a fund raiser.

In December 2010 with the help of a partner “Librairie Antillaise” we could gather more than 300 gifts for Orphan children in Martinique.

In 2011-2013 we immigrated to Toronto Canada. after few month living here we realised that despite their amazing people and culture, Canadian were wasting a lot of clean water per people (800 liters per pers per day average).

Celia Opera Soldat de L'eau Water Soldier Ontario Tour2013 copy

So we decided to educate the chidren in different school accross the province of Ontario. Then they would be able to teach their parents not to waste clean water. We have created a musical comedy and did Tour in Ontario.

In 2012 we launch in Toronto a musical CD to bring more love, light and happiness in the music industry “J’aime mon monde” means I love my world.

Few years later we decided to help very poor Children from Nicaragua through Erik the flutemaker ministry to have clothes to go to school to bring more hope in their future. we also helped to buy sewing machine to create an activity that bring revenu in their village.

In January 2016 we helped other children in Nicaragua to received funds to buy bed and toilets. As soon as the funds arrived I will post the picture of what they bought with the money.

Now we are also trying to help 101 children in Uganda. 67 are orphan and young and 34 need money to go to school in the village. We do our best to suport them .

u can save the kids uganda sign dot com


Gilles also as a powerful Healer help people from all over the world to improve their health. here is a German Lady that came for General well being


2012-09-13_10h23_24 Gilles Praying position

Also we use music to spread the message of Love, peace and Harmony as my wife is a singer. I am myself a healer and also we contribute to reduce the sufferation in the world by offering Energy Healing

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