Trip To Dominica Number 2

I take this time to thank all of you for your support, your love and your donations.

In Fact through GoFunding Campaign we received funds from Hawai, USA, Canada, Martinique, France, Australia, Germany and more. The Plane Ticket was very expensive so your help to pay for the plane ticket was very appreciated.

Also I wanted to thank the businesses that help with Equipments.

Thank you to south Side Muay Thai, they gave 25 solar lamps and 2 water filters to purify 36 000 liters of water. I gave those water filters to 2 schools around Roseau.

Thank you to ETD inc they gave press needles (Traditional chinese medicine tools) to help for the health of many. All the little plasters you see in the Video is coming from ETD inc.


Thank you to

I could offer free healing to over 60 people (that do not have access to the needed medical care)  using ancient healing techniques that I teach here in Toronto. Acupressure, Sounds and vibrations healing, soul healing, Energy Healing, Qigong.

Dominica is Happy !!


“Gilles!!! The energy was evident. You brought so much joy to the people we met. The people of Scottshead, Soufriere, Bellevue, Pichelin, Grandbay, Coulibistrie, Colihaut and Dublanc are still touched by your humble presence. Thanks for sharing your big beautiful heart with us. cheers!!!” Paula Emmanuel

“My dear Gilles you brought me too tears you arrived to Dominica on a fishing boat 🚣 we thank you for all your assistance with clean water and healing.God’s blessings as you continue to share your special gift of healing and love” . Bernadette St Clair


I just came back couple days ago from our humanitarian trip to Dominica after hurricane Maria.

I can say that many lost everything that they have but what I remember the post is their faith and Joy regardless the situation.




I took a plane from Toronto to Montreal, then another one from Montreal to Martinique, then because all boat was cancelled, I found a little fisherman boat that could bring me braving the terrible water of Dominica Canal.


The calm water of my island before going into the Canal of Dominica with its terrible water…

In Dominica I offered in your behalf I offered the 7 water filters, the bandages, the repellent, the fishing line , tackle and hooks to 7 different communities, then as an Energy Healer-Teacher I offered to those that do not have access to medical care, free healing to people in pain and taught them key acupressure point to self heal.





At one point we stopped to ask for directions. This lady and her daughter were in front of their house cleaning. She had severe back pain and knee pain so I offered her to help with the pain.

11 Mattresses for Christmas !!! … and more


We wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that contributed to help the children from the New Joy Care Orphanage to have an amazing christmas !!

Because of you they received 11 mattresses + 11 Blankets + money to buy Food to celebrate chrismas. We cannot thank you enough <3



Nous voulions vous remercier car GRACE A VOUS, nous avons pus aider les orphelins de NEW JOY CARE a avoir un super noel. ils ont reçu 11 matelas + 11 couvertures + de l’argent pour acheter de quoi manger pour noel. Nous ne pouvons pas dire assez MERCI <3

60 Children has Clean Water in HAITI !


We distributed so far 3 filters on 9 in Total . The school is located at Bocoselle, Artibonite, its is National School of Seguin in Haiti. 60 children have now access to clean water even using the same source of water. Those filters also prevent from Cholera.


Nous avons distribué jusqu’a maintenant 3 filtreurs sur les 9 au total dans cette ecole de Bocoselle, Artibonite est l’Ecole Nationale de Seguin en Haiti.  60 enfants ont acces à de l’eau potable et ne sont plus a risque face au Cholera.




Thank you !! Because of you is doing well !
Grace a vous avance !

HAITI: Yesterday I bough 9 filters of 18 000liters each with the money of the fundraise that means that 162 children will have access to clean water this year ! We are gathering the funds for the shipping now.Thank you, Keep donate 🙂

HAITI: Hier j’ai acheté avec l’argent de vos dons 9 filtreurs de 18 000 litres chacun ce qui veut dire que 162 enfants auront acces a l’eau potable cette année. nous rassemblons les fonds pour les frais d’envoie. s’il vous plait continuer a donner 😉


UGANDA: Next week we will send money to buy 3 new sets (3 mattress + 3 Blankets) now already 14 children out of 35 can sleep on a mattress for the first time in their life. Thank you for your Donations, Please keep contributing

OUGANDA: La semaine prochaine je vais envoyer les fonds pour 3 nouveaux kits ( 3 matelas + 3 couvertures) ce qui fait que deja 14 enfants sur 35 dorment pour la première fois sur un matelas. Merci a vos dons, continuez 🙂




Ensemble nous pouvons changer le monde

Love peace and harmony

2 new sets arrived….THANK YOU !! 9 sets Total

Dear Everyone,

We are so happy to let you know that 2 more sets (mattress + blanket) arrived few days ago at the orphanage. We have now a total of 9 sets delivered our of 35 because of you, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!


A Tous,

Nous sommes si heureux de vous dire que 2 nouveaux kits ( matelas + couverture) sont arrivé il y a quelques jours à l’orphelinat et tout ceci c’est grace a vous ! Nous avons donc deja livré un Total de 9 kits sur 35 grace a vous, MERCI MERCI MERCI

uganda-oct-8-2-new-sets-mattress-and-blanket-arrived-at-the-orphanage3 uganda-oct-8-2-new-sets-mattress-and-blanket-arrived-at-the-orphanage-2  uganda-oct-8-2-new-sets-mattress-and-blanket-arrived-at-the-orphanageuganda-oct-8-2-new-sets-mattress-and-blanket-arrived-at-the-orphanage-1

7 first sets has arrived: Joy and Happiness for all!



We are so proud to show you the pictures. All of this joy is because of you. You have opened your heart and you made your contribution to transform those children. There is no other words but THANK  YOU !!

28 Sets left, please share then we can reach our goal. Together we can change the world.

14212197_1799820886956816_5015483195916842304_n 14232438_1799812023624369_2714162169412397502_n


Nous sommes fier de pouvoir vous montrer les photos. Toute cette joie est possible uniquement grâce à vous ! Vous avez ouvert votre coeur et fait une contribution pour changer la vie de ces enfants. Il n’y a pas d’autre mots que MERCI !!

Il ne reste que 28 kits a trouver, partagez, nous pourront ensemble atteindre notre objectif. Ensemble nous pouvons changer le monde.


14330067_1799812046957700_842010770795155514_n 14232444_1799812170291021_4282522731402521356_n

14233033_1799812206957684_1330787343079722433_n 14222367_1799812360291002_5984770381395630148_n 14333006_1799863503619221_1939937259880843198_n

14264220_1799812406957664_1840756001689814285_n 14224890_1799812480290990_6542008088159476299_n

14322497_1799814446957460_4509903815762468712_n 14355155_10153866122046404_6542290320292567958_n

14292380_1799815243624047_5257106466787494048_n 14316951_1799815513624020_4406473250974343875_n 14330144_1799940943611477_5432090826205936053_n

14316921_1799941000278138_3008360006042881884_n 14238296_1799940966944808_3309731644772950136_n 14222196_1799940990278139_7638486169776452835_n

7 SETS Already, Thank you !

Hello Everyone

We are so Proud of the effort of all !

We already sent 700$can for 7 Sets (7 mattresses + 7 Blankets).

Only 28 sets left and everyone will be sleeping in a bed soon.

Together we can make it, please share the opportunity to other. An opportunity to give love and to do some actions that will create real transformation in children’s life.

Thank you!


Bonjour à tous,

Nous sommes fier des efforts de tout un chacun !

Nous avons déjà pus envoyer 700$can pour acheter 7 kits ( 7 matelas + 7 couvertures)

Il ne reste que 28 kits a trouver et tous les enfants dormiront au chaud dans un lit.

Ensemble nous pouvons le faire, partagez l’opportunité autour de vous. Une opportunité de donner de l’amour et de faire des actions concretes qui vont créer une vrai transformation dans la vie de ces enfants.

Merci !

uganda-bed-promotion-3-copy uganda-bed-promotion-2-copy uganda bed promotion copy

We need 35 BEDS + BLANKETS

Hello Everyone,

We are so happy  to be able to make things happened and transform the Orphanage in Uganda. With your Help, we brought back hope, joy, happiness, desire to go to school, and provided food, school material, toys, clothes and more…

Bonjour a Tous,

Nous sommes heueux de pouvoir faire les choses bouger et de transformer les vies dans l’Orphelinat que nous aidons au Ouganda. Avec votre aide, nous avons Ramené l’espoir, la joie, le bonheur, le désir d’aller à l’école, nous avons fournis de la nourriture, du materiel scolaire, des jouets des vetements et bien plus…

This Time we are focusing on helping the children to have a better sleep,

better rest at night.

Cette Fois, nous axons nos efforts à aider les enfants a avoir un sommeil plus recuperateur et des meilleures conditions de vie.

uganda children need bed

Actually the children are sleeping on bed sheet or towel directly on the floor. We want to change this situation, so we need your help. We deeply know that Together we can change their life. 

A l’heure ou nous parlons, les enfants dorment par terre sur des draps ou des serviettes, directment a meme le sol. Nous voulons changer leur vie, mais nous avons besoin de votre aide. Nous savons au fond de nous qu’ensemble, nous pouvons changer leur vie.

It cost way to much money to send beds and blankets in Uganda so we decided to fund raise and send the money to them. The mattresses are in good quality so lifetime is 15 years so they will have this mattress until they become adults. 

Cela coute beaucoup trop cher d’envoyer des matelas et des couvertures au Ouganda, alors nous avons decidé de faire une vlevé de fonds pour leur envoyer les sous par la suite afin qu’il puissent acheter les matelas et couvertures sur place.Les matelas sont de bonne qualité et auront une durée de vie approximative de 15 ans. Ce qui veut dire que les enfants bénéficieront de leur matelas jusqu’a l’age adulte.

Alone we cannot make it, but Together, we can easily accomplish that dream. Please Share this post to your friends and family. let’s make a difference into their life !

Seul nous ne pouvons pas accomplir cette mission mais Ensemble cet objectif est facile a atteindre. S’il vous plait partagez ce post avec vos amis et famille. faisons une différence dans leur vie !

HELP a Child uganda copy

Receiving Clothes From a School in Toronto

We are so happy, spreading love is contagious!

Celia Organised a clothe gathering in her school for the children of Uganda. Then they created an event to pay the shipping fees ($540 Can) . On May 7th Finally the children received the Parcel from Canada.

Nous sommes heureux, rependre l’amour est contagieux !

Célia à organisée dans son école un ramassage de vetements pour les enfants du Ouganda. Les etudiants ont aussi crées un evenement pour pouvoir lever les fonds nécessaire pour le transport (540$Canadien). Le 7 mai 2016 les enfants ont finalement  reçu le colis.


Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation  Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation5Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation6  Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation4 Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation3 Uganda May 7th They receive the clothes from Celia's School Operation7


Dear Friends,

We are so Happy as Yesterday March 17th David Started to receive the Toys that we ordered last month after our Fundraiser. You were many to Donate Money and help to children of the Orphanage to have some fun. The first toys arrived and look at the Joy you could bring to them !!

Nous sommes Tres Heureux de pouvoir vous annoncer que les jouets que nous avons commandés le mois dernier apres notre levé de fonds, ont commencés a arriver hier le 17 Mars 2016. Vous etiez nombreux a donner pour cette cause. Les premiers jouets sont arrivés alors regardez la joie que vous avez pus apporter a ces Orphelins

1186166_1715795402026032_3030176463805511677_n  1470051_1716401088632130_3395766617049639128_n 1234378_1716401048632134_5671009362769477088_n

10568904_1715794682026104_450490943697055314_n  936595_1715795035359402_9212151610460587327_n   1918607_1716401021965470_6192978923146675451_n 998487_1715795105359395_4117197109952488658_n1012818_1717826858489553_517241792378136808_n 1937160_1715794912026081_2466563027813322264_n 12376660_1716400655298840_8842210320384862803_n 12246911_1715794955359410_4947250588812046479_n

A Chicken Farm to Bring Money and to Eat

Chicken farm Egg farm copy

Hello everyone

Today Celia and I are proud to launch our 3rd operation for the Orphan of Uganda.

Now they are 129 Orphans that David Kibalama, our friend and contact take care of.

To achieve our goal to help the Orphanage to be financially independant this Time we raise funds to create a Chicken farm.

We need $650 US to start the Farm.

This price include 200 chicken that will produce eggs, the food, the medications they will need for teh 5 next month until they produce the eggs.

In about 5 to 6 month the farm should produce few hundreds of eggs each week. Thos eggs will help to feed the children first and the rest will be sold to create the revenu.

Celia and I Thank you for your help and Donations.


Uganda Chicken farm Ad 2 copy


Uganda ad for Chicken farm  copy


One less coffee to save Uganda Orphans copy

Toys for Children


Now their belly is full, next step is to bring back joy !

Every child in the world should have the right to be a child and play !

Those children do not have anything to play with, so we decided to offer support in this area. As usual we pay a lot attention to find ideas that generate many benefits for the children. This time we will target outdoors activity games that will make them do exercices while they are playing. Please helps us to save the kids !!

Every dollar is appreciated and will make them happier.


Maintenant que leur ventre est plein nous pouvons passer à la prochaine étape qui est de ramener la joie dans leur vie !

Tous les enfants du monde devrait avoir le droit de jouer comme des enfants !!

Ces enfants n’ont rien pour s’amuser, jouer, alors nous avons décidé de les soutenir dans ce domaine aussi. Comme d’habitude nous apportons beaucoup d’importance à generer le maximum de bénéfice pour les enfants a partir de chaque dollar que vous avez donné. Cette fois ci nous visons des jeux d’extérieur qui vont aussi leur permettre de faire une activité sportive tout en s’amusant. Aidez nous a sauver les enfants !!!

Chaque dollars est apprécié et les rendra plus heureux.


Fundraiser 2 games for uganda copy


In life things may look like they have failed to change but all in all what we should know is that at least one day life can turn into the most swiftness as we continue push on, work with the available people that can help out For example i will not stop thanking my good friends like Gilles and Celia who have come out to help us in supporting the needy children in Uganda and there is a proof that shows and is evidenced from the activities done whenever they send in their donations like buying food stuffs for children running piggery projects for children and so many other activities taking place. So you too you can also join this project of changing the lives of children by donating in any way possible such that the children have a better future. Thank you so much for those who have taken their time and read this post. may you have a good time as you come in to aid the future generation.

– David Kibalama –

We are so Happy for that was a SUCCESS !!

Thank you to all of you that Donated money. Together we can change the world !!

uganda1 copy