Dominica is Happy !!


“Gilles!!! The energy was evident. You brought so much joy to the people we met. The people of Scottshead, Soufriere, Bellevue, Pichelin, Grandbay, Coulibistrie, Colihaut and Dublanc are still touched by your humble presence. Thanks for sharing your big beautiful heart with us. cheers!!!” Paula Emmanuel

“My dear Gilles you brought me too tears you arrived to Dominica on a fishing boat 🚣 we thank you for all your assistance with clean water and healing.God’s blessings as you continue to share your special gift of healing and love” . Bernadette St Clair


I just came back couple days ago from our humanitarian trip to Dominica after hurricane Maria.

I can say that many lost everything that they have but what I remember the post is their faith and Joy regardless the situation.




I took a plane from Toronto to Montreal, then another one from Montreal to Martinique, then because all boat was cancelled, I found a little fisherman boat that could bring me braving the terrible water of Dominica Canal.


The calm water of my island before going into the Canal of Dominica with its terrible water…

In Dominica I offered in your behalf I offered the 7 water filters, the bandages, the repellent, the fishing line , tackle and hooks to 7 different communities, then as an Energy Healer-Teacher I offered to those that do not have access to medical care, free healing to people in pain and taught them key acupressure point to self heal.





At one point we stopped to ask for directions. This lady and her daughter were in front of their house cleaning. She had severe back pain and knee pain so I offered her to help with the pain.

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