Toys for Children


Now their belly is full, next step is to bring back joy !

Every child in the world should have the right to be a child and play !

Those children do not have anything to play with, so we decided to offer support in this area. As usual we pay a lot attention to find ideas that generate many benefits for the children. This time we will target outdoors activity games that will make them do exercices while they are playing. Please helps us to save the kids !!

Every dollar is appreciated and will make them happier.


Maintenant que leur ventre est plein nous pouvons passer à la prochaine étape qui est de ramener la joie dans leur vie !

Tous les enfants du monde devrait avoir le droit de jouer comme des enfants !!

Ces enfants n’ont rien pour s’amuser, jouer, alors nous avons décidé de les soutenir dans ce domaine aussi. Comme d’habitude nous apportons beaucoup d’importance à generer le maximum de bénéfice pour les enfants a partir de chaque dollar que vous avez donné. Cette fois ci nous visons des jeux d’extérieur qui vont aussi leur permettre de faire une activité sportive tout en s’amusant. Aidez nous a sauver les enfants !!!

Chaque dollars est apprécié et les rendra plus heureux.


Fundraiser 2 games for uganda copy


In life things may look like they have failed to change but all in all what we should know is that at least one day life can turn into the most swiftness as we continue push on, work with the available people that can help out For example i will not stop thanking my good friends like Gilles and Celia who have come out to help us in supporting the needy children in Uganda and there is a proof that shows and is evidenced from the activities done whenever they send in their donations like buying food stuffs for children running piggery projects for children and so many other activities taking place. So you too you can also join this project of changing the lives of children by donating in any way possible such that the children have a better future. Thank you so much for those who have taken their time and read this post. may you have a good time as you come in to aid the future generation.

– David Kibalama –

We are so Happy for that was a SUCCESS !!

Thank you to all of you that Donated money. Together we can change the world !!

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