Trip To Dominica Number 2

I take this time to thank all of you for your support, your love and your donations.

In Fact through GoFunding Campaign we received funds from Hawai, USA, Canada, Martinique, France, Australia, Germany and more. The Plane Ticket was very expensive so your help to pay for the plane ticket was very appreciated.

Also I wanted to thank the businesses that help with Equipments.

Thank you to south Side Muay Thai, they gave 25 solar lamps and 2 water filters to purify 36 000 liters of water. I gave those water filters to 2 schools around Roseau.

Thank you to ETD inc they gave press needles (Traditional chinese medicine tools) to help for the health of many. All the little plasters you see in the Video is coming from ETD inc.


Thank you to

I could offer free healing to over 60 people (that do not have access to the needed medical care)  using ancient healing techniques that I teach here in Toronto. Acupressure, Sounds and vibrations healing, soul healing, Energy Healing, Qigong.

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